When shipping pallets the goods must not exceed the dimensions given, there should be no overhang. Any measurements taken must include the actual height of the pallet, otherwise, this could incur a surplus charge.

The goods should be secured and stable. Either shrink wrap, ratchet straps or banding should be used, or similar.

Ensure the goods are protected with necessary cushioning. Recommended cushioning materials includes bubble wrap and polystyrene, however, there are many cheaper alternatives.

  • Pallet Dimensions must not exceed 120 x 100 x 160cms
  • For each consignment up to 1,000kg, there must be a maximum of 3 pallets (2 pallets for the economy service).
  • Pallets will not be accepted for the next day, 09:00 am deliveries.

Advice: Always add some margin before declaring the weight and dimension to us to avoid any scan weight discrepancy error which may lead to wrong dims declaration sub charge and delay in the process of your shipment.   


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