By teaming up with reputable partners who share our values and ethos to best serve our customers and offer the best courier experience, we are able to offer guaranteed, reliable end-to-end services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  Our extensive road freight network means that your business can take advantage of our numerous road freight options to transport your goods within the UK and/from Europe to the UK.

Global Corporate Logistics offers a guaranteed and reliable service that enables you to track and trace a wide range of goods, including documents, clothing, toys, and electronics.  (Please see our list of prohibited and/or excluded items). A single shipment must not weigh more than 70 kg without been palletize before transportation. The safety of both our client and our courier partner drivers are important to us. These services include:

A Parcel delivery service

  • This service can be used to transport goods weighing less than 50 kg; It safe to keep the max weight as 45 KG to avoid weight declaration errors penalty and oversize shipment surcharge.  
  • The consignor (sender/shipper) is required to ensure that the goods are properly sealed and correctly packaged.
  • This service can be used to transport parcel(s) in the UK and to/from Europe to the UK –  This service is power by DHL Express & DHL economy.
  • Prohibited items are not allowed
international air freight shipping


  • This service is available within the UK and to /from Europe and ideal for transporting Palletized shipments, goods heavier than 50KG and/or oversized goods with a length in excess of 120cm.
  • Clients are recommended to properly strap the consignment on the pallet and make sure they are secured for transportation before booking shipment with us.  
  • We can only arrange a collection of pallets from a non-residential address and deliver to a non-residential address.  
  • Take Note: For a client in a residential area or do not have the right equipment to palletize shipment you deliver to any of our authorized warehouses and the shipment shall be packed and booked and transported to the final destination.
  • We advise that these goods MUST be palletised before collection, alternatively, these goods can be delivered to any of our many warehouses and we can palletize the goods for you prior to transportation.  
  • Our distribution services cover the whole of the UK and, through our partners, we also are able to offer daily departures to Europe:


  • UK Domestic Pallet delivery within the UK which can include single or multiple pallets as we have access to 1000s of pallet spaces; and
  • European Pallet Delivery: We can import and export pallets from Europe.  Contact us today to discuss the easiest and cheapest option available to you.
  • We can transport both single and multiple pallets as we have access to 1000s of pallet spaces.

Trailer load

  • We are able to provide full trailer load transportation of goods from suppliers’ and manufacturers’ warehouses either within the UK or to/from outside of the UK.
  • We can arrange either part load or full container pick up from any of the UK seaport and deliver to your destination within the United Kingdom or Europe or the reverse.
  • We have access to over 1000 dedicated trailers across the United Kingdom and Europe available to transport your shipment in a timely fashion.
  • We offer a year-round service that’s dedicated to transporting your goods in the many modern XL-specification, clearspan trailers at our disposal.
  • Take note:  We will require 24 (twenty-four) hours prior notice to arrange collection.
road freight logistics

To make booking

Send your booking requests to



Collection can be arranged during our working Days: Mon – Fri and excluding bank holidays.

For Express parcel: Send your booking (Mon – Fri) before 1 pm to guarantee same day collection.

For Pallet: Send your booking before 1 pm to guarantee same day collection. We strongly recommend you to send in your booking in advance (1-2 days).  

For Full Trailer Load (Collection or Delivery): We recommend you give us 1-2 days notice in advance to secure a trailer for your request.