We sending shipment the overall weight and nature are important to determine the best packing method. We strongly recommend you read the below before making a decision on the best packaging for your shipment. The following are the packaging methods allowed on our service;

For Express Domestic and International: Envelopes for Document, parcels for single shipment up to 50KG, pallet for single shipment above 50KG

For Air Freight: Parcel, Wooden crating for fragile items and pallet for shipment above 50KG

For Sea Freight: loose, pallet, barrels, racking, container, multiple parcels a single parcel must not excess 50KG without been palletized.

Parcels to be delivered within the UK, and moreover, parcels for international delivery must be packaged securely. We always recommend the following:


  • Preferably use a new strong or customised delivery box/boxes. The correct size box is important, you should ensure the box is appropriate to the goods to be packed. Too large a box could cause the goods to be damaged and too small a box could split.
  • When using old packaging, please ensure all previous details/labels are removed.
  • Use strong tape to secure the package/packages. We recommend polypropylene, vinyl adhesive or fibre reinforced tape. Heavy parcels should be strapped, preferably with polypropylene strapping which is inexpensive.
  • When taping, it is advisable to strengthen the joins, sides and corners of the box/boxes.
  • Protect the contents with cushioning. Ideal materials are bubble wrap, polystyrene and inflatable bags or similar. Newspaper can suffice! For heavier goods then shaped foam or polystyrene surrounds are ideal. Centralising items in the box will also help protect them.
  • Extra fragile items should be packed box in the box to ensure total protection i.e. a smaller box packed inside a larger one, ensuring the item is cushioned within the first and protected in the second.
  • Once packaged re-check the dimensions and weight of your parcel/parcels.
  • Delivery drivers are under no obligation to manually lift parcels in excess of 25kg unassisted.
  • We recommend using wooden crates for Liquid shipment and extremely fragile glass items such as TV, frames, vehicle windscreens before any international shipment.


PARCELS EXCEEDING 30KG – We recommend splitting the parcels into multiple parcels with a max of 30kg.

  • Strap all parcels preferably with polyester strapping, this will take the strain and protect the goods.
  • Assistance will be required to load goods in excess of 25kg. If a tail lift vehicle is required, we would need to be notified at least 24 hours beforehand.

NB: Please be aware that polyester strapping may not be strong enough for goods exceeding 30kg.

PARCELS EXCEEDING 50KG – Must be on pallets

  • Goods should not exceed the declared dimensions (this includes the height of the pallet)
  • Ensure there is no overhang, otherwise, this will incur extra charges
  • The goods must be secure and strapped firmly to the pallet
  • The goods must be reasonably protected by using bubble wrap, polystyrene, cardboard etc.
  • Please ensure they are not top-heavy, for transit purposes

Remember your shipment will be duly handled, most probably by several people, before it reaches its final destination. Therefore, you must ensure that the packaging is robust enough to withstand this. If a parcel is packed incorrectly or secured insufficiently, then gets damaged in transit as a result, this could affect any claim.