This is the most important aspect of delivery, to ensure your shipment (Docs, parcel, pallet, barrel etc) arrives at the correct destination. We will automatically send a link to you, with downloadable delivery labels which you need to attach securely. If the labels are incorrectly attached or not secured correctly, this can result in late delivery. If you have a large consignment, then please ensure these are numbered/labelled accordingly.

Never affix labels to corners, edges or seams of the box. Also, take care not to cover barcodes. If using old packaging, then please remove any old labels and delete any writing.

Please be aware unless you use appropriate packaging, the labels can become unstuck in transit. Therefore we recommend that you do not use fabric bags, suitcases etc. If there is a necessity to do so, then we advise that you attach your label within a strong, visible plastic wallet. This should be attached securely to the item/s to be transported.

On some of our service, the shipment will be collected from you and will arrive in our warehouse for scan weight check before proceeding to the final destination which adds 1 day extra to delivery lead time.