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Global Corporate Logistics – Business Customs Clearance Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our site, www.globalcorporatelogistics.com, www.gclparcel.com (the ‘Site’) and thank you for using Global Corporate Logistics’ Services!   These Global Corporate Logistics – Business Customs Clearance Terms and Conditions provided by Global Corporate Logistics should be read in conjunction with our general Terms and Conditions (‘Terms’). These documents outline your rights and responsibilities as a valued customer of our services. Please be aware that all business transactions are conducted in strict accordance with the BIFA standard Terms of Trading and Global Corporate Logistics LTD Business terms and conditions, a copy of which is available upon request.


  1. Payment Guarantee: Global Corporate Logistics Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) enters into business transactions with company clients on the condition that the client unequivocally guarantees the payment of all fees, costs, disbursements, or any itemised charges as detailed in our invoices. It is expressly understood that in the event the Company is unable to collect these fees from the business or entity, the Company Director or Principal of the business will be personally liable to settle any outstanding balances or invoices upon demand.


1.1 Liability Disclaimer: The Company assumes no liability or responsibility for the discharge of any charges related to the clearance and delivery of customer shipments, cargo, or consignments. These charges encompass but are not limited to shipping costs, customs clearance charges, VAT, duty, demurrage charges, quay costs, and similar expenses.


1.2 Third-Party Involvement: In certain instances, the clearance process may necessitate the intervention of entities such as the Port Authority, Trading Standards, or other agencies to examine or investigate imported goods or related documentation. Any additional costs or charges arising from such unforeseen circumstances will be the sole responsibility of the customer, and the Company accepts no liability for delays or extra expenses incurred.


  1. Lien and Charges: The Company retains the right to impose a lien on any cargo or goods it clears on behalf of any Company, business entity, or private client. This includes the authority to levy storage, handling, or other associated charges as a means of settling any outstanding balances owed to the Company.


  1. Title Retention: The Company maintains ownership of any goods, cargo, or imported materials until all invoices related to clearance services provided by the Company have been fully paid within the stipulated settlement period. This condition remains in effect regardless of whether the goods have been delivered.


  1. Outstanding Balances: Should any invoices or balances remain unpaid, the retention of title clause outlined in section 3 will remain valid. The customer must expressly hold the goods, cargo, or imported material (or the proceeds from their sale) to the order of the Company until all outstanding balances or invoices have been settled, regardless of any insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings initiated against the customer.


  1. Agent Authority: The customer or consignee hereby consents and agrees that the Company has full authority to act as an agent on their behalf for the clearance and release of any shipment, cargo, or consignment covered by this agreement. The Company is empowered to make decisions and take actions on behalf of the customer or consignee, as if the Company were the customer or consignee.


  1. Complaints: In the unlikely event that the customer or consignee has cause to raise a complaint or grievance regarding services provided by the Company, such complaints must be submitted within 48 hours of becoming aware of the issue. Complaints should be specific and communicated in a non-confrontational or provocative manner. The Company will respond to complaints promptly, within 7 working days.

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